Welcome to the community of I Shop Easily. This is the welcome post and to build up the great relationship and trust with you, we present you this welcome post “Handle with Care”.

“Handle with Care” sounds common to you while you see that wording in the shipped packaged goods to denote that packed goods should not be tampered during transportation and delivery. This careful steps of “Handle with Care” has to be done both from our side and yourselves. We need your kind cooperation and support in this aspect of business. Let us brief the “Steps taken from our side” and the “Steps to be taken by you” during the processing and delivery of the package.

Steps taken from our side:

Unlike the Offline goods where you could check yourselves live from the Super Bazaar whether the item is a defective one or not, in online shopping you do not have this opportunity of checking the item before it is in your hands because it is the duty of the particular Ecommerce Shop to take utmost care to deliver the item after cross-checking the item before packaging and track the checked packaged item has reached carefully to you.

Handle with Care

In addition to the above fact, there is still a greater responsibility for the delivery partners nowadays on this Corona pandemic situation to follow the Safety standards from Sanitization to Contact-less delivery of the items.

Click on the below links to know how will the delivery partners handle this situation


Steps to be taken by you:

Ensure the safe delivery of the item by giving us a feedback so that it will be confirmed you have got your item safely.

There is an important matter that Ecommerce Shops hesitate to tell you but expect from you. The matter is the video of unpacking the delivered item before using it. This matter is reminded here on this main website, I Shop Easily and its associated websites, WDT, RSGS and Snehee.

Have a look of the video about unpacking this delivered item by clicking on its caption below

Video about Unpacking this delivered Item by Social Sellers (PLEASE CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO)

You can watch from the video where you could notice that the customer had carefully cut the package such that the scissor had not tampered the strands of the cloth inside. She has examined and checked into every details of the cloth. Her presentation of this video was excellent. Just it was missing one thing. That is, presenting the delivery label properly on the video which has been skipped purposefully from the video for the lady customer’s privacy reasons. This gives a correct confirmation to the seller that she is the exact customer of that product. The video about unpacking the delivered item would serve as a proof for you to rectify with the seller about the defects of the products and make them understand that the said defect is not from your side. We try our best to deliver zero defect products from our associated Eshops such that this situation does not arise. But as a precautionary step, kindly make a video about unpacking every online delivered item.

The Offline business transaction of WDT such as paying for the product upfront or through Cash on Delivery is communicated through the agency’s email [email protected] and you could check the details of it through SHOP THROUGH ORDER SYSTEM. Secure Razorpay System is used for online transaction. Please do not respond to the chats, SMS, phone calls that may come from other unknown source claiming to be “I Shop Easily” because you may fall prey to fraudsters. We never follow any other process of transaction either partly or wholly other than the process followed through “SHOP THROUGH ORDER SYSTEM”.

With these mutual steps from our side and your side, let there be smooth and transparent business flow between you and us. We are happy to serve you with the latest best product at all times and have your great time at I Shop Easily.