Rekindle your Independence Day spirit with the flashing attires, accessories and decorations made of Tricolor. Independence day is a day that unites the multicultural country like India with distinct caste, religion and creed promoting common brotherhood. It has united Indians before and now it will be. The good news for this unity to make special is that it has come in the Sunday, the favourite week day for all family get togethers. Let us begin this aura of tricolor everywhere.


1. Banjara India Women’s Soft Chiffon Solid Dupatta (TRG-Border) Tricolour – SuperTiranga

Fig 2. Banjara India Tricolor Dupatta

Banjara India have brought this Tricolor Dupatta to flaunt the colors of Green, White and Orange beautifully in your attire. This Dupatta is 2M length and 40 Inches wide. The Dupatta would show off well with only White Kurta top wear. White is a good combination to emphasize the Tricolor. Bottom wear could be worn of any tricolors Green, White or Orange but the top would only well match with the White Kurta. Want to know more about this?? Please visit HERE.

2. Independence day/ Republic day special tri colour (Orange, White, Green) jumka earrings by Manali Creations

Fig 3. Tricolor Jumka

The Tricolor Jumka matches well with the above attire. This Jumka is brought to you by Manali creations. It has Silk threads decorated with stone chains at its rim. It is easy to wear, fits any busy schedule as it is a hanging at one go. Suitable for any occasion that signifies you to be a proud Indian. Buy now at Amazon.

3. AMVAISH Orange, White & Green Colour Premium Balloon Special for Independence Day/Republic Day Decoration Tri-Colour Balloon/Tiranga Balloon (Pack of 25)

Fig 6. Tricolor Balloons

Now with all these attires and accessories, get ready to decorate your house and office with the Independence Day Tricolor Balloon festivity brought to you by Amvaish. Pack of 25 Tricolor balloons comes in a bunch. Good Quality latex is used and it expands to 9-10 inches when blown. There are suggestions on how to decorate your office and house premises with these balloons as given in the Image gallery below. If interested to shop these balloons, please visit Amazon.

Let all these decorations and celebrations of being a proud Indian make you have a fun memorable moment with your friends, relatives and colleagues.