Time makes every moments and wisdom of our life to emerge and fade away in the course of its journey. Sometimes, we think how wonderful it might be if someone or something that is so special and influential, maybe the love of our life, inspirational quotes, the style statement that makes us unique be always with us along this time. Though sounds philosophical and imaginary, Radius Watches gives everyone this opportunity because these watches are not just meant for time but to remind you of every positive, funny, lovable things of your life that keep you happy along the journey of time. How is it? Let us find out below by the listing of 4 timely “ion”:

  1. Session
  2. Expression
  3. Passion
  4. Fashion

1. Radius Watches for Timely “Session”:

Take a brief look at different variety of these Session Watches

While you are in a Cooking class of a Hotel management course, competing in a running competition for your College Athletics or working on a computer drafting various reports that had to be submitted on its deadline, where all the tracking of these activities in terms of minutes and seconds matter, these watches will be of great use to you.

2. Radius Watches for Timely “Expression”:

There are many expressions, in that to name a few are

a. Courage & Confidence:

Fig 3. Courage & Confidence Watch 2 (Please click here to buy it)

The Watch 2 is “OK” but why the Watch 1 here which has no confidence in its meaning? The answer is simple. Only catch the first part of the sentence of Watch 1 “Padhai se darr nahi lagta hai” (there is no fear in reading). My suggestion is read everything for your interview or exam as you wear this watch because there is no fear in reading. For the second part of the sentence in Watch 1 “Result se lagta hai” (fear for the result), you transfer the burden and result to the Watch 2, the Mahadev Watch, who is in your watch the next day you wear it for exam or interview. Lord Mahadev in Hinduism, is described as “Layakara” (destroyer of your fear) and “Kala Bhairava” (time keeper) to keep you in good times at the time of your interview or exam. So attend your exam or interview without any fear of the result because FEAR is the foremost enemy of whatever importance you gave to “Padhai se darr nahi lagta hai” and whatever you try to present will be deliberately lost.

b. Love:

You are of few words while you want to express commitment in your love relationship. If you want Watches to express your love commitment, wear these watches to assure of your secure love relationship with your girlfriend. Your girlfriend loves your commitment more than anything else.

Fig 4. Love Watch (Please click here to buy it)

The Love Watches are also available in Combos of 3

Fig 5. Love Watches in Combos of 3 (Please click here to buy it)

c. Attitude

Men do not tolerate the low esteem, pain done to their ego in any way. They want to express their Male Ego in terms of their Attitude. So the watches with expression of different attitudes comes into play here.

The Attitude Watches are also available in Combos of 5

Like these, there are numerous expressional quotes Watches that makes your timely life interesting while you look up for your watch to see the time at regular intervals.

Below is the Collection gallery of expressional quotes Watches

3. Radius Watches for Timely “Passion”:

Indians have great passion for the Cricket match and its players. We have watches made to fulfill this Cricket passion.

There is a beautiful master guiding quote that keeps up the team spirit be it Cricket, Hockey or Football – “ONE NATION ONE DREAM ONE CUP”. As a team, everyone plays for one ONE NATION, “INDIA”. There should also be ONE DREAM, “TO WIN THE CUP”. Without any bias, jealousy, grudge, each and every player should try their level best to win the cup because there is only ONE CUP, not more than that which should be gained. That determines each and every player’s national identity, their capability and the pride of the nation. Really, a great quote indeed and that watch is available with us.

If your Cricket role model is the Cricket Captain, Virat Kohli, we have the Watch dedicated to remind the great Champion player. Below is the gallery of Watches

4. Radius Watches for Timely “Fashion”:

Below is the gallery of the Blue Denim Watches

Blue Denim Jeans is an all time fashion now and then. For those who are craze about Denim wear, these watches will suit their style. When you wear this watch, it creates an illusion that this watch is not a separate accessory but a part of your full sleeve Denim Shirt which has been stitched then and there. It is a new trend in strap watches to lay Denim instead of Leather.

Going through all these 4 “ions“, the conclusion is “Watch has more to do for us than just time”.

If you are interested to go through the Radius Watch and other Watch collection, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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