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Ergonomics is the science of posture to reduce fatigue. In a classroom or physical training classes for children, teachers instruct the students to maintain the straight posture such that the students could sit in the classroom for long period of time. What about the Sports? Could the ergonomic voluntarily be applied because the little players had to continuously concentrate on the play rather than on ergonomic on the playground?

This is where the perfect sports accessory with ergonomic designed Shoes plays its role. One of the important accessory for a sportsperson is the Shoes because the dynamic part of the action is focused on the feet.

Nike, the pioneer in the manufacture of Shoes have came up with the new updated ergonomic designed Shoes for the new generation Kids who are smart and quick. Older Kids Shoes have laces while the Younger Kids Shoes have straps. Let us have a detailed look at the Age-wise Shoes designed for them.



Football is a game where the foot has to be trained to go along with the ball till it reaches the goal. While doing so, the Foot has to be in full zest till the end of the play with least fatigue, sprain, strain and filled with agility so that the performance comes out to be the best. The Shoes has to cope up with the ball while the Foot is into the swooshing, dribbling, passing on the ball or making side movements along the vicinity of the ball.

I would like to recommend the two best Nike Shoes made for the Football.

Nike Jr. Phantom GT2 Academy MG:

Have a close view of the toe portion:

Fig 2. Toe close view

The surface of the shoe is textured with tiny protrusion that gives a grip to the ball while it falls on the surface. The lacing is not centered and this provides ample space for the ball to fall on the feet, dribble and to make a fine kick without the interference of the laces.

Fig 3. Heel close view

The ball could be held, controlled, managed to be near the player and trickily pass on to the co-player with ease since the protrusion and grips are maintained on the outer back sole and heel of the Shoe. Padding on the ankle side reduces slip movements while moving sideways.

This shoe is made of synthetic leather and is washable. Just have a look at the different view of the Shoe in the below gallery


Nike Star Runner 3 Play:

Fig 8. Nike Star Runner 3 Play (PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY THIS)

While walking and running, the toe and the heel of the foot act as a Seesaw where the center of the toe and the radiating toe fingers will be the fulcrum to these continuous action of toe and heel. As a result, the center of the toe and the radiating toe fingers are prone to fatigue, strain and sprain. During tiredness, the toes wriggle sideways causing swaying, slippery and further, if there is no breathing space the toes get jammed up within the Shoe causing extra pain. To overcome these ergonomic shortcomings, Nike Star Runner 3 Play new updated Shoe supports the kids foot during walking, running and jumping.

Fig 9. Toe close view

Lot of wriggle room is provided on the toe section wrapped with extra skin layer to provide easy movement of the toe fingers and avoid slippery. Light weight mesh covers the front foot to allow the air movement to the toes. Shooting Star with a skin layer at the toe tip ensures extra durability for the toe dragging while running or jumping.

Fig 10. Heel close view

Rubber Sole flex grooves are featured along the outer sole of the Shoe for multidirectional movement and to feel natural in every step. Synthetic leather molded on the heel gives the endurance of stability and durability.

Further, the colors are splashing with a splatter print to exhibit vivid appearance of the Shoe. Foam cushioning underfoot and soft insole gets your kids flexible and enjoy a good morning run with smile and excitement.

Below is the gallery view of this Shoe


Younger Kids are the children who like to experiment with the things that are new and important to them. They do like to do their job independently and do not want anyone to interfere in their exploration. The below Shoes is for those young explorers who can manage to put the Shoes by themselves because they are designed with straps instead of lace and pull tabs are provided on front as well as on the back end to put the Shoes quickly in balance.


Nike Flex Plus:


Take a detailed look at the strap feature on this Purple colored Shoe of same kind

Fig 12. Strap close view

Easy “Do it Yourself” Slip-on design with pull tabs makes the kid to wear the Shoes with balance and a stretchy Strap leather on the sides gives a secure fit.

Fig 13. Toe close view

Mesh fabric allows air flow for breathability. Reinforced Toe Tip brings durability and flexibility for the shoes such that the toe fingers could be dragged in multidirectional swaying.

Fig 14. Heel close view in Purple shoes of same kind

Soft cushioning foam creates a move with a plush feel.

Fig 15. Sole close view of Purple Shoes of same kind

The sole is designed with rubber material with noticeable traction accentuating durability and flexibility. Flexible multiple grooves makes every step feel natural whether the kid is walking or sprinting.

Have a different view of this Shoe in the below gallery

Also look at the different hues of Nike Flex Plus in the below gallery


Baby and Toddlers like to play and are always busy with lot of activities for them to invent. They have different moods in the course of their activity. The below shoe is for them to suit their moods and interest made attractively with a Jumpman design on the strap, outsole and insole.


Jordan 6 Retro Little Flex

Fig 16. Jordan 6 Retro Little Flex (PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY THIS)

Below is the detailed strap view of this Shoe

Fig 17. Strap close view

Stretchy collar with Slip-on design facilitates the kids to take ON and OFF the shoes with confidence whenever they wish.

Fig 18. Toe close view

There is much flexibility within the shoe because the sole is made of soft foam and also breathable material with tiny holes relaxes the Toddler’s little feet inside on long hours of play.

Fig 19. Side close view

Secure fit durable outlay provides ample opportunity to move, run and jump without the unnecessary slip. This shoe is made of synthetic leather, leather and textile materials.

Below is the gallery to show different view of this Shoe

If you are interested to purchase new and updated design or look for the upcoming Nike Kids Shoes, you can visit HERE.

Let your Kids concentrate on play and let not these unnecessary fatigue, pain, sprain snatch away the valuable time and performance of your child’s ability.