In the rain and cold weather, you like to munch the crunchy spicy hot foods that will make you warmer. You want to diet but your taste buds won’t let you be away from the smell and flavor of the oily foods. It looks as if you are punishing yourself for the sake of maintaining diet and calories by being on raw dried food without flavor and taste. You want quick fresh snacks enriched with the flavor not exceeding the daily diet calories. This is possible while you switch off from the regular deep frying cooking methods to the Grilling.

Fig 1. Healthy Dietary Food

Dietician are concerned about daily intake of calories. They prefer grilled foods than fried foods. Grillers allows the fats to drip off from the food while in frying, fats present in the oil retains with the food resulting in high cholesterol intake. Grilling will give you the food enriched with nutrition and flavor by dripping off the oil without loosing the original flavor and taste of the food. You could be fit and healthy without compromising on tasteless dry food to be on your daily diet.

Grillers or any traditional system of cooking, maybe deep frying or shallow frying has to be cooked carefully without overheating. That is the food should not be charred or blackened. The reason being if the protein-rich foods like Chicken, meat products etc., come in contact with high temperature, it will result in HCA (Heterocyclic Amines). We know that each protein molecule is made up of multiple amino acids linked together with a peptide bond and there is a possibility of this cyclic reactions to happen in the Amine group at a high temperature. HCAs are carcinogenic and mutagenic chemicals formed from the cooking of muscle meats such as that of pork, fish. The proteins composed of multiple amino acids in this protein-rich food reacts with the Creatinine of our muscles to again extensively build up this cyclic reaction, HCAs (Heterocyclic Amines), which may pose a risk of Cancer within our body.

It is best to avoid the protein-rich food from overheating to get it charred. Never overuse the leftover oil of Kabab for long period of time for other food stuffs to avoid the reaction of HCAs within your body.

Steps to minimize the overheating in Grillers:

  1. Quickly grill the food for a few minutes and then remove it to heat it on a low flame in an oven.
  2. If the food gets charred off partially, cut off the charred part and eat the rest.

Keeping this in mind, the grillers which I am recommending in this post from Amazon India have got the feature of maintaining moderate temperature. It is portable and easy to clean.

1. Cello Super Club Toast N Grill Sandwich Maker (750W):

Fig 2. Cello Super Club Toast N Grill Sandwich maker (PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY IT)

Cello is famous among Indian Kitchenware Solutions. Cello Super Club Toast N Sandwich Maker has a heat resistant Bakelite body so you or your child could touch it while the Sandwich is being grilled.

Fig 3. Exterior Black Finish with Bakelite body

Inner body of this Toast N Grill Sandwich Maker is made up die cast aluminium that is hard and durable. Aluminium sustains the temperature to cook your food superbly.

Fig 4. Inner body made with die cast aluminium

Non stick heating plates inside drips off the extra oil and make it easy to clean.

Fig 5. Non stick heating plate

Red and Green light Indicators indicates when the grill is preheating and when the grill is ready to cook.

Fig 6. Red and Green Light Indicators

2. Kattich 2-in-1 Multi-Utility Open Mini Press Griller for Sandwich, Panini, Chicken with Marble Non-Stick big size plate for Home, Cafe use (750W):

Kattich is a German-based popular Kitchenware Company now in India.

Fig 7. About Kattich Kitchenware Solutions
Fig 8. Kattich Mini Press Griller for Sandwich and other dishes (PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY IT)

In addition to Sandwiches, you can prepare the variety of dishes with thick fillings, grill fresh barbeque for your dinner. Here is the list of dishes you can prepare by using this Mini Press Griller cum Sandwich Maker

It is made of Aluminium. It has got a big marble non-stick plates that is tougher than normal non-stick plates and is abrasion-resistant.

Fig 9. Marble non-stick plates

It is easier to clean with damp soapy cloth and then with dry cloth after the device has cooled down.

You can turn this to 180 degree angle level. It has two-sided cooking plates to spread the heat and cook evenly at an uniform temperature.

Fig 10. 180 degree opening with two-sided cooking plates

When the food is evenly cooked, it automatically SHUTS OFF. This is one of the special feature of this griller so that you need not have a watch on this device while you are busy in other household daily chores.

Another special feature is the Café-style lid with flexible hinge to get adjusted to any thickness of fillings within the Sandwiches. You can also use this feature to bifurcate the two types of food into two different plates to cook and grill the two different types foods altogether.

Fig 11. Special Feature of Café-Style lid

It has two Indicator Lights, Red and Green. When the Red light is ON, it indicates the grill is preheating. When the Green light is ON, it indicates the grill is ready to cook your favorite dish. It automatically SHUTS OFF after the food is cooked to a desired level.

3. Prestige PGMFB Grill Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Grill Plates (800W):

Fig 12. Prestige PGMFB Grill Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Grill Plates (PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY IT)

Prestige Company is a household name in all the Indian Kitchens. This Toaster comes in black finish color with body made of Plastic material. The handles are made up of heat resistant material. You can hold the handle as soon as your sandwich is prepared and is ready to serve.

Fig 13. Ergonomic Handle

Your food is cooked to a safety standard. The food does not stick to the plates and is easy to clean because the Toaster is equipped with Non-Stick, Non-toxic plates.

Fig 14. Non-Stick & Non-Toxic Plates

There is a Red and Green Indicator Lights. Red Light indicates preheating and Green Light indicates the readiness to grill the Sandwich.

Fig 15. Red and Green Indicator Lights

The thermostatic controlling feature controls the temperature. Electricity is saved with less power consumption and you can have moderate evenly cooked healthy tasty food by this Low Power Consumption feature.

Fig 16. Less Power Consumption
Fig 16. Highlighted Features of Prestige Sandwich Maker PGMFB

Own the benefits of these three Branded Toaster N Griller Sandwich makers to have a healthy diet on your dinner plates. For your daily diet, don’t count on the food that gives you a weak body but count on the tasty food that gives you a heathier slim body with sumptuous meals by using these Toaster N Grill Sandwich Makers.