While you shop for a sweet packet in a shop, you had been getting 1kg sweet pack for Rs. 220/- on usual days. Now it is the Festival Season and lot of festivals are lined up one behind the other like Dussehra, Id Milad, Diwali. On these festival days, if you go to a shop to buy the same 1kg sweet pack, you will get a Combo offer of Buy 1 Get 1 FREE, price of 1 kg sweet pack being Rs. 150/- saving you Rs. 70/- with the bonus of 1 kg free sweet pack. Your mind may ponder over why is the same pack of sweets costs low now compared to other days? The negative thought such as it is the CLEARANCE SALE of dragging the left out items or the items near the expiry date along with the new items or the positive thought such as maybe, it is the generosity of the shopkeeper as a well-wisher to render you a combo offer at a cheap price to celebrate the festival grandly arises in your mind.

“All that glitters is not gold” is a proverb that may or may not hold true. I would not comment about the other shops regarding this proverb. As far as I Shop Easily is concerned, this clash of thoughts should not arise to put you into confusion. There should be complete transparency in dealings regarding the Price Tag and its implications to build your trust and relationship.

Price Tag in the Wholesale Shops:

Fig 1. Price Tag Banner for Men’s Topwear

I started this business on 2019. WDT was my first shop. The idea was to combine various good online wholesale shop items on WDT and sell it as a Reseller. While choosing the online wholesale shops, I have gone through many fake online shops that needs Reseller to sell their items by dropshipping only with the intention to ship the damaged left out items to the customer. Some shops give the Combo offer. One product will be good and the other damaged one such as in Couple’s Watch. Knowing this risk of fraud, I took the trouble of ordering the product for myself or to my mother who was very supportive while starting this business. I rectified the possibilities of this cheat and took careful steps in selecting the wholesale Shops such that you should not bear the brunt of this online fraud shops. WDT was the first shop to begin and is slowly progressing shop compared to other shops, Snehee and RSGS because of this careful selective process.

Fig 2. Price Tag for Women’s Topwear

The advantage of online wholesale shops is there is no middle men involved and we are encouraging “MAKE IN INDIA” products to support our country’s economic growth, instilling confidence of growth to the craftsmanship of skilled Indian weavers and manufacturers, promote India’s self reliability and self sufficiency. The business is between Online Wholesale Supplier & the Reseller i.e., myself. Some online wholesale suppliers have their own self branded manufacturing unit which they supply to resellers like us or to the retail market. Some online wholesale suppliers have manufactured items from many sources in addition to branded products. The expenditure on labor charges, warehouse maintenance, transportation dealings, office supplies along with the cost of the product had to be borne by the customer while purchasing the product offline. These are drastically reduced to Product Price = Wholesale Product Price + Reseller’s commission. The Reseller’s commission is decided by me. Many of their products, locally made or branded, give the freedom to choose the Reseller commission range but some branded products in the wholesale shops have a fixed uniform M.R.P where the commission is already included for Resellers as well as retailers of which I as a Reseller cannot change.

Fig 3. Price Tag for Men’s Topwear

As this is the new website and the customers are being freshly introduced to I Shop Easily, I am charging them a small percentage of reseller commission in WDT Wholesale Supplier Group, Navya Kamal, Nithya Kusum Products. There is no necessity for me to charge higher as in offline shops because the extra maintenance costs in Offline Shops have been reduced in this Online shop. Yearly up to a span of 5 years, there will be slight 1% rise in my reselling commission and on the 5th year, I will stand by the same percentage of commisssion.

2. Price Tag in Affiliated Website:

In the reputed website, I am an Affiliate or the Associate partner to promote their products on I Shop Easily and its associated shops, WDT, Snehee and RSGS. I am bound by the fixed percentage of commission as an Affiliate. This percentage of commission will not affect the product price for the customer because the price will be same whether you purchase the product through I Shop Easily Website or separately from the Shopping Website. I am the affiliate of Amazon India, Tech Jockey and Esavvy.

As per the seasons and demands, the prices are likely to change on these shopping websites and so I have not mentioned any prices in Snehee, RSGS shops except in WDT shop.

By being affiliated to Esavvy, I have got the opportunity to recommend and promote the best Indian and International products at best prices. The list is as below

Indian Ecommerce Website products presently promoted by I Shop Easily are

  1. Myntra
  2. Lenovo India
    and many more to come in future.

International Ecommerce Website products promoted by I Shop Easily are of

  1. iHerb, US based Company
  2. evitamins, US based Company
  3. Light In The Box, Hong Kong based Company
  4. HBX, Hong Kong based Company
  5. The Luxury Closet, Dubai based Company
  6. Nike, Singapore based Company
    and more to come in future.

It is just not getting you the best products from these international websites but making you to take the advantage of low international prices incurred by these website due to the direct import of the products to your house in India. If you are not familiar with these Websites, you can get more details about their company in their Shopping Website while you visit there through I Shop Easily.

In International Ecommerce Shops, prices seems expensive compared to Indian Ecommerce Shops. For eg, let us take the example of Himalaya Neem & Turmeric Soap from iHerb Company.

Fig 4. Himalaya Soap sold in the iHerb

The cost of this 125 g Soap is Rs. 192.06 in iHerb but in India, the Himalaya Neem & Turmeric 125g Soap costs Rs. 45. I know this Indian price very well because I and my family are using this soap for years and it is a good soap. This soap is of same branded company, Himalaya. The soap which costs Rs. 45 is from Indian Himalaya Company and the soap in the above image costing Rs. 192.06 is from Himalaya Company in the US. We know how much is the currency of $1 in Indian Rupees and I do not have to explain further about it more when you compare the currency changes and its influence on the price of the Soap.

Let us take another case of South of France soap from France.

Fig 5. South of France Soap sold in iHerb (Front view)
Fig 6. South of France Soap sold in iHerb (Back view)

We observe in this case the soap is from France having France address costing you Rs. 154.27 for 42.5 g. If you order from iHerb, the product’s route will be from France to US and then US to direct import to your house in India. On this world route, there are lot of transportation, taxation and other applicable charges and Rs. 154.27 is reasonably payable to iHerb.

iHerb products are comparatively cheaper in the International market. You get the best worldwide products here at an affordable prices.

The “Product Offers” are available in all the three shops of I Shop Easily. The products that are equivalent to the discount of 50% or more, the combo products, the main product with the free product are all listed in “Product Offers” category. Note that it was an OFFER while the products were put on the shops of I Shop Easily. These may vary as per the requirements of the featured Shopping Websites.

So enjoy the best products collected through various Wholesale shops in India and Ecommerce shops from India and abroad at the competitive prices with no worries of steep price hike or any frauds to happen from my side on I Shop Easily.