Urbanization, Deforestation, Industrialization in the cities now spanning to the village areas have made the plants to gradually deplete in its existence. If you look for a land to purchase for your dwelling with a plan of a beautiful garden around your house, you will find shortage of land because the flats, offices, commercial spaces have occupied the land.

It is agreed that there is shortage of land for Garden Lovers. If there is a garden around you, you might feel relaxed and the cool breeze soothes your busy life. When you look at your own plants growing from seed to sapling, you become gracious and blessed enough.

You can fulfill this wish being in the natural company of plants everywhere by having indoor garden if you do not own a land and your flat is on 4th floor or on the 10th floor. The soothing fresh plants will be always there at your presence.

In this post, I would like to highlight the three plants that are eco-friendly and form a beautiful home décor to your house from the shop of Amazon India.

1. Abana Homes Grafted Ficus Indoor Real Bonsai Live Plants for Home/Office with Pot – 4 Years Old:

Banyan tree has gained importance from the children’s ghost stories of Bethala, old village panchayat court to Sadhu sitting under the tree for many years for deep meditation. Banyan tree has become a life long house for many generations as we remember and heard about our great grandfather sitting under the same Banyan tree as ourselves.

How about having the Banyan tree inside your house? You might feel the idea as rubbish by imagining where is the Banyan tree and where is your house in front of it? Actually you can do it because I am discussing here about the Small Banyan tree which is the Indoor Plant called “Grafted Ficus Indian Real Bonsai Plant” which is 4 years old.

Fig 1. Grafted Ficus Indian Real Bonsai Plant (PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY FROM AMAZON INDIA)

Ficus is a variety of Banyan Tree which is of Fig family. The plant is 4 years old and its measurement is being mentioned in the Gallery page below. It is placed in a white dew Ceramic pot. The figurine installed in front of it enhances the charm of the potted plant to be a showcase item in your home or office.

Flats or Offices have too much of enclosed spaces and Sunlight propagates without interference. It is exactly the requirement of this Indian Bonsai plant to grow in the shades of well lit area. Care has to be taken not to expose this plant directly to the Sunlight or breeze either from outside or inside. It grows well in all weather conditions at all locations of India.

The Ceramic pot is crafted in such a way that excess water comes out of the hole of the Ceramic pot so that you have the measure of the water capacity to be poured on to the plant. Check the soil for any dryness and if you feel it as dry, then only water it until it gets spilled out from the hole in the ceramic pot.

Bonsai plant has its own significance and value. It signifies wisdom, strength and intuition. It gets rid of the toxins in the air and acts as an air purifier, a must for the flat dwellers who are exposed to outside Industrial pollution everyday from the nearby industries.

Below is the Abana Homes Bonsai Plant Gallery to have a detailed view of the plant

2. Ugaoo Golden Money Plant with Self Watering Flower Pot, Pot Height 4″ and Plant Height 6″, Pack of 1:


“Golden Money Plant”, is a famous title for this indoor plant because in Feng Shui, this plant signifies good luck and prosperity. It is referred as Devil’s ivy or pothos plant. It has heart shaped leaves with excellent green pigmentation blended with yellowish shades. It is an exquisite decorative plant for homes and offices. It can grow well in enclosed spaces where Sunlight reaches minimum. It is the best air purifier for the indoors.

You can water it twice a week or whenever the top layer of the soil feels dry. The plant is placed on the Self watering pot. The mechanism of this Self watering pot is if you water the plant, the surplus water gets stored in the reservoir of the pot. The roots of the plant absorbs the water through capillary action whenever the water is required. This makes your task easy and you don’t have to frequently water the plants.

The plant develops and grows well in different environments and decorates every room of your house with resplendency.

Below is the Ugaoo Golden Money Plant Gallery to have a detailed look of the plant

3. Ugaoo Good Luck Jade Plant with Self Watering Pot:


Jade Plant or Crassula green mini calls for less attention to take care and can be easily maintained for a long periods of time.

This Jade plant is believed to be auspicious and brings out good luck and fortune to the family that owns it as per Feng Shui. The leaves have marvelous shape like those of big green droplets forming a perfect piece of Home and Office décor.

The height of the plant without pot is 6 to 12 inches and the plant spread ranges between 6 to 18 inches.

You could water this plant twice a week or whenever the top soil feels dry. It has Self watering pot where the excess water is absorbed in the reservoir and the roots of the plant use this water through capillary action whenever they require. So you need not water the plants frequently.

Below is the Ugaoo Good Luck Jade Plant Gallery to have a detailed look of the plant

Fulfill your aspiration to be in the small indoor garden around your flat and offices with these natural companions. Breathe fresh air everyday without the tension of air pollution and toxins.