Onions are the favourite kitchen ingredient. Without it, the food does not become tasty to eat. How much ever the onion prices rise as per the seasons and its growth, the people are ready to buy the onion as it is an essential part of the daily food.

This pulpy pinkish vegetable has many hidden health treasures both for the daily diet and also as a popular ingredient in the hair care.

It is an antioxidant. It consists of Folic acid, Sulphur and Vitamin C. These two points are enough to maintain a healthy shiny hair.

The reason is

  • Its antioxidant property prevents premature greying.
  • Elements like Folic acid, Sulphur and Vitamin C have antifungal and antibacterial properties keeping the scalp free of infections, lice, dandruff and other infestations that may occur in future due to pollution, sweat or other outside environmental hazards. Sulphur in it promotes the regeneration of damaged hair follicles thus ensuring you have volumes of healthy hair.
  • Improved blood circulation in the scalp further enhances the growth and shine of the hair.
Thus, you have all the hair solutions you have been looking for such as,
  1. Hair Growth
  2. Prevention of premature greying
  3. Healthy hair scalp free of infections
  4. Anti dandruff solution
  5. Voluminous shiny hair
  6. Improved blood circulation to the hair

If this Onion in the form of a Oil or a Shampoo is used with other useful hair care ingredients, it creates the most absolute combos for your hair. Navya Kamal presents you this opportunity to own the Onion-based hair care products mixed with other popular hair care ingredients. We have a self-explanatory demonstration slides about the products from the Company. Let us have a look at them also.

1. ROYAL DELIGHT Onion Hair growth Oil With Organic Blends Of Essential Oils | For Intensive Hair Fall & Complete Scalp Treatment Hair Oil – 100ml

Fig 2. Benefits of Royal Delight Onion Hair Oil

This is non-sticky, non greasy oil. This Onion Hair Oil with blended with other popular hair care oil such as

  1. Castor Oil
  2. Olive Oil
  3. Coconut Oil
  4. Aloe Vera Oil
  5. Almond Oil
Fig 3 & 4. Composition and use of all the oils in Royal Delight Onion Hair Oil

Made with 100% cold pressed oils such that the natural flavour and powerful health benefits of all the above mentioned oils are preserved intact. This oil is 100% free of Hexane, mineral oil, sulfate, paraben, and silicone.

2. Urban Essence Onion Hair Oil For Healthy Hair Growth & Controlling Hair Fall With Almond, Coconut, Amla And 17 Other Essential Oils – 200 ml

Fig 6. Benefits of Urban Essence Onion Hair Oil

This is naturally formulated oil with no paraben, sulfate, mineral oils, dyes or synthetic fragrance.

This Oil consists of other natural extracts along with Onion such as

  1. Soya
  2. Almond
  3. Sesame
  4. Olive
  5. Jojoba
  6. Argan
  7. Brahmi
  8. Sandalwood
  9. Hibiscus
  10. Sunflower
  11. Amla
  12. Vitamin E
  13. Mango
  14. Rose
  15. Bhringraj
  16. Neem
  17. Shea Butter
  18. Castor
  19. Coconut
Fig 7. Composition of Urban Essence Onion Hair Oil
Fig 8. Directions about how to use

3. Urban Essence Onion Shampoo For Healthy Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control With Aloevera, Neem leaf, Green Tea and 9 Other Natural Extracts – 200 ml

Fig 9. Urban Essence Onion Hair Shampoo (PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY FROM NAVYA KAMAL)
Fig 10. Benefits of Urban Essence Onion Hair Shampoo

Natural extracts blended along with Onion are

  1. Aloe Vera
  2. Curry Leaf
  3. Green Tea
  4. Manjistha
  5. Brahmi
  6. Alkanet Root
  7. Neem Leaf
  8. Oat Kernel
  9. Haritaki
  10. Coffee
  11. China Rose
Fig 11. Natural extracts composed in Urban Essence Onion Hair Shampoo

Another fact to be worth noting while buying Hair Care products is to look for its manufacturing practice because the manufacturing practice should not hinder your hair growth. To sell lumpsum products with spot results, there are many Hair care products in the market processed with unhealthy standards. As a precautionary measure and for consumer’s well being, let us compare the pros and cons of the unhealthy manufacturing practice.

1. Hexane:


It is used as a solvent to extract the oil from the natural hair care extracts.


Their use in the product is not good for inhalation and may lead to dermatitis, eye and skin irritation of which there is every possibility of this substance penetrating the skin through the hair.

2. Mineral Oils:


These oils prevent breakage due to wet hair and so you can get clean dry hair without tangles instantly.


They build up on the scalp causing the hair strand to become dull by oil’s left out residue.

3. Silicone:


Silicone forms a protective waterproof coating around hair follicle but hydrates your hair from within. It protects the hair damage from blow dryers.


Silicone blocks moisture from the hair resulting the natural hair to be dry which further causes itching and irritation of the scalp.

4. Synthetic Fragrance:


To get rid of the pungent smell of onions or other useful haircare ingredients which has got unpleasant smell, Synthetic fragrance are used to smell great.


Synthetic Fragrance has ethyl alcohol that causes dryness of skin or hair robbing off the natural oils.

5. Sulfate:


Sulfate produces lather that removes dirt and germs cleansing the hair effectively.


It strips off the natural oils already present in the hair and make the hair dull.

6. Paraben:


Paraben are used as preservative to store the products for the long duration with freshness.


Paraben has the imitating effect of the female hormone activity causing serious gynecological problem.

These manufacturing practices are equipped to give you short-term pros with long-term cons. Let us say “Bye” to the products made out of these unhealthy practice and welcome the Royal Delight and Urban Essence Hair Care products without doubt. The reason is these products are formulated with varied manufacturing practice to avoid the use of Mineral Oils, Silicone, Hexane, Synthetic Fragrance, Sulfate, Paraben so that you get the long-term pros only by the benefit of all the popular Hair Care extracts without the interception of the manufacturing practice.

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