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Coming February 14th is celebrated as “Valentine’s Day” by the lovers all over the world. The Valentine’s Day is the day derived from the western culture in the memory of Saint Valentine. More than it being the western culture, it has gained prominence in the Eastern countries, of which, India is one among them because the concept of “Love” in it has the universal appeal to cross all the barriers of the region. This day is a way of celebrating, respecting and enjoying the love. Hence it is also regarded as “Lovers Day”.

Everything has a special day to celebrate like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day etc. Yes, Father is a father at all times and at all days. But if I or anyone give much importance on the other days, the Father doubts “There is something wrong with my child. Why is she overacting too much and creating the drama of me being a lovely Father on this unexpected day. Had she gone crazy? Does she want any favour from me that I hate to lend her.” These thoughts arises within the Father. But if the daughter expresses her love on a particular “Father’s Day”, the Father gets the assurance that his daughter’s show of love is genuine and she really means it. So everything has a particular day to celebrate and this Valentine’s Day is not different enough.

Propose your love with beautiful gifts specially crafted for you and is brought to you from the stores of Nithya Kusum.


1.A) Scented Rose with stylish Valentine CZ Rhodium Plated Alloy Ring:

Fig 1. 1 scented rose and 1 ring (PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY FROM NITHYA KUSUM)

Red Roses are the symbol of love. Gift your lover these Roses to celebrate your love. The Rose smells great. There is a heart shaped ring within the Rose Box made up of Cubic Zirconia stone and plated with Rhodium alloy.

1.B) 24 K Golden Rose 10 inches with Love Stand:

The gift which you give have to be a memorable one to remember you ever. There is no better gift than this 24 K Golden Rose with Love Stand which does not allow to fade away your memories from your loved ones. It is the elegant stand that could be placed on the table or TV stand. It has the power to glitter your love forever.


2.1) Heart Pillow:

This Velvet Pillow is a lovable gift for anyone who loves you wholeheartedly. It is a unique and personalized gift for your loved ones to cherish as it is soft, huggable and make them to stay on comfort thinking about you.

2.2 NK Trend Hub Solid Velvet Rose Pair – Set of 2 Throw Pillows:

This Velvet Maroon pair of Pillows are of 14 x 14 inches filled with fiber seating. This could also be used as seating cushions, bed cushions, office sofa back. The beautiful Rose shaped Pillows are the perfect Valentine gift whenever your loved ones cuddle it with the sense of beautiful memories of your companionship.


3.1) Combo Cute Heart Shape Gift Box with Teddy Bear, Artificial Flowers and Baby Couple:

The heart shape Gift Box is a hard metal that envelops the tender things of love’s expression in a true tone. The box consists of Teddy Bear, Artificial Red Roses and cute Baby Couple playing upon the Moon with their Teddy Bear and Heart Pillow showing contentment in their relationship. This could become true for you if you gift this to your lover.

3.2) Valentine Gift Combo Printed Cushion Cover, Filler, Coffee Mug with Butterfly shaped Greeting Card and Heart shaped Wooden Keychain:

The Cushion Cover is of Satin cloth measuring 12 x 12 inches and is of square shape. Along with this, you get a Filler, Coffee Mug of 350 ml capacity, 1 heart shaped Keychain and 1 Butterfly shaped Greeting Card. “Love Forever” is expressed in every gift to build the trustworthiness and longevity of your love relation. This expression is drawn with concentric Hearts emphasizing and stressing that you really mean it by heart.

Don’t be too intrusive, fearful, hesitant to propose your love. These Special Valentine gifts made for the celebration of your love says it all to your loved ones.

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