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April and May months are the hot Summers. If rainy season wets you with rain water, the Summer season wets you with your own sweat while you stand, sit or relax i.e., even while you are not doing any work. The stories of Summer climate are still worst for those people residing in desert region. You cannot close the doors and windows all day long due to the lack of ventilation and the scorching heat because you get baked inside your house while you shut all the doors and windows. You are weary, restless not because you are tired but you are baked off to do any activity. For this extremely high temperatures and low humidity conditions, Desert Air Coolers have come into existence.

As the name suggests, this Air Cooler is made to work on High temperature zones occurring on “Deserts”. The Air Cooler is made in such a way that it absorbs the unsaturated hot air from the environment, gets circulated with the water provided on the Cooler’s Cooling Pads. The water gets evaporated absorbing this hot air and rendering the cool air outside. The good thing about this Desert Air Cooler is you can open the doors and windows for cross ventilation and the evaporation process of Air Cooler demands the same which is your favourite option to stay inside your house on hot Summer days.

Below is the table to show you which Air Cooler is best for the required Room size and Climatic condition

Fig 1. Air Coolers as per Room size and Climate condition

Cooling Technology of Desert Air Coolers:

For the effective dissipation and circulation of the air, it has 3 Cooling pads installed within the 3 sided ventilation chambers and the oscillating Fan disperses the air on all sides of the room.

It is embedded with the cooling technology of two types: Honey Comb and Wood Wool Cooling Systems on these 3 Cooling Pads. Honey Comb Padded Cooling is made of Cellulose material having large surface area for higher water retention and evaporation process. It filters and cleanses the air as well. The Wood Wool Padded Cooling is made from Wood arranged like grass. These Wool padded cooling absorbs circulating water and quickly transforms hot dry air into cold air. Some air coolers use the Hybrid Cooling Technology of both these Cooling Systems and some use any one of them.

The Horizontal and Vertical Louver movements on the Ventilation Chamber ensures faster cooling and overall coverage of cold air towards the room area. These might be automatic or manual in Air Coolers. Still if you are not satisfied with the cooling temperatures, some Air Coolers have the provision of Ice Chamber where you could add ice cubes to boost the cooling experience.

We are going to explore the Desert Air Coolers that has got these features from Tata Cliq in “3 Brand Products – Household and Appliances”. The 3 brand products we are considering here is about Blue Star, Symphony and Voltas Desert Air Coolers.

1. Blue Star Windows DA 75PMA 75L Desert Air Cooler (White/Grey):

Fig 3. Short Product Description of Blue Star Desert Air Cooler
Fig 4. Blue Star Desert Air Cooler’s Height

Important Features of Blue Star Desert Air Cooler:

  1. Water tank capacity of 75 litres
  2. Equipped with Hybrid Cooling Technology of Honey Comb + Wood Wool Cooling System
  3. Automatic Louver Movement with wide angle air flow
  4. Provided with wheels for easy mobility
  5. Ultraviolet Protection Coat to protect the Cooler’s body from direct Sunlight
  6. Autodetection & Auto filling of the tank when the water level goes below the required level
  7. Provision of Ice Chamber to pour ice cubes for the best cooling experience

2. Symphony 110L Touch 110 205W Desert Air Cooler (White):

Fig 6. Short Description of Symphony Desert Air Cooler


Fig 7. Symphony Desert Cooler’s Height

Important Features of Symphony Desert Air Cooler:

  1. Water tank capacity of 110 litres
  2. Provision of Temperature regulator
  3. Made of premium grade material to increase durability and longevity
  4. Low Power Consumption as it runs at the cost of electric power of a fan
  5. Shuts off automatically during frequent voltage fluctuations
  6. Remembers and restores the previous settings without the need to set up the Cooler right from the start

3. Voltas Victor 55L With 2354.3 CFM Desert Air Cooler (White):

Fig 9. Short Description of Voltas Desert Air Cooler
Fig 10. Voltas Desert Air Cooler’s Height

Important Features of Voltas Desert Air Cooler:

  1. Water tank capacity of 55 litres
  2. Temperature Regulator
  3. Water level Indicator
  4. Oscillating Swing Control
  5. Turbo Air throw to cool larger spaces
  6. Provision of Ice chamber to pour ice cubes for best cooling experience
  7. Provision of Wheels for easy mobility

Buy these top rated Desert Air Coolers from Tata Cliq. Enjoy the Happy Summer Season with full of zest and activity.