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Nothing more defines a style statement for the worn attire than the Clutch Handbag hung on the lady’s shoulders. This handbag elaborates the fashion and the mood of the lady being always with her as her personal possession.

Handbags should authenticate with the type of the dress worn as well as be comfy in laying off the personal valuables of which you think as most important to you. For example, in your Clutch Handbag you have to carry your Makeup items, precious eye glasses, ATM Cards, Sharp edgy keys, Mobiles, Coins and sometimes casually a small cold drink. You cannot fasten all these things once and for all to get ready. Though the Clutch Handbags seems to be small, it is required to have spacious compartments made with premium standard material both inside and outside in a way that your belongings are safe, secure and well stored. In other words, the make has to be durable and scratch proof since it is an accepted fact that Clutch Handbags has to toil through the pricking sensation of the Sharp edgy keys, these Sharp edgy keys through the delicate weak fabric inside triggers the lid of the cold drink to open such that your bag will drink off the spilled cold drink, the sensitive eye glasses & mobiles have to risk their existence by the pressure exerted by the coins, ATM Cards and other possessions, your makeup items have already begun makeup of your Handbag by melting and dissolving the contents deep inside due to the external climatic conditions such as heat, cold and rain. These nasty messy things are common especially in Clutch Handbags which are small, are not flexible enough and are of made of bad material. So you have to be choosy, be careful and be sportive to experiment with the different variants of the latest style of the Clutch Handbags that calls for your attention.

We would like to introduce you to the new International Collection of Clutch Handbags from Chanel, Gucci, Hermes brought to you by the Global Fashion Ecommerce Concern, The Luxury Closet in this post of “3 Brand Products – Style & Attire”. The specialty of all these Clutch Handbags is that it is strapped with Chains that are ornamental to catch anyone’s eyesight because it has the same appeal of any other ornaments that you wear like Gold Chains, Necklaces, Hanging Arm Bracelet upon your shoulders and arms.

1. Chanel Aqua Blue Leather Disc Accordion Flap Bag:


Let us slide over below to have a close view of this Lady’s Chanel Bag

This is a “Made in Italy” Flap Bag in the form of Clutch. By the name “Disc Accordion”, you are assured to carry your important CD Discs inside this Bag. The Aqua Blue colour signifies serene and bright get up with spacious fabric material woven inside and outside. Length x Width x Height is 34 cm x 16.5 cm x 25 cm with the shoulder strap of 26 cm. A vivacious Bag indeed!!

2. Gucci Metallic Gold Guccissima Leather Queen Bow Chain Clutch:


Let us slide over below to have a close view of this Lady’s Gucci Bag

This is also “Made in Italy” brand Clutch Handbag. The Bag is shaped like a Bow. The intricate embossed golden covering on the exterior leather glitters you overall along with your favourite dress. The interior material is composed of premium quality fabric with enough space to accommodate your day’s belongings. Length x Width x Height is 28 cm x 3 cm x 14 cm with the handle drop of 18 cm. The best accessories made for your grand party outfit!!

3. Hermes Encre Chevre Leather Mini Verrou Chaine Bag:


Let us slide over below to have a close view of this Lady’s Hermes Bag

This is “Made in France” Clutch Handbag. It has a different look as that of the solid small suitcase. The French word “Verrou” means “Lock” in English. It has this exclusively designed Golden tone lock at the front which you can find this type of lock in old fashioned Almirahs. The interior and the exterior material is made of Leather. It has ample space to fill out all your belongings with care and comfort. Moreover, the look is stylish and unique to add more glimpse to your lovable fashion outfit. Length x Width x Height is 17 cm x 4 cm x 14 cm with long chain strap. Be the limelight of the day by hanging on this Clutch Handbag.

Scintillate your brilliance look and feel with these fashionable Clutch Handbags. Don’s say “Good Bye” to your valuable belongings but “Bye” to the messy Handbags by owning these Clutch Handbags.