“Bond of Protection” is called “Raksha Bandhan”. It is the symbolic relationship of brother and sister to express trust, affection and to build in confidence of being proud lovely siblings. It declares the bondage that they are for each other in times of lifelong hardship, troubles and not to forget, in happiness and joy.

The Raksha Bandhan does not mean that the relationship has to be blood-related. It could be the bond from your well-wisher not being a relative who is always protective, caring and is there for you at every moment of your life, be it happiness or sadness. This festival promotes universal brotherhood, solidarity among different genders and community. It overcomes the gender bias or the superiority complex of a particular gender and implies that every gender have their own weak points and strong points. It is not the bias of the gender that matters in the society but being for another at hard times, respecting and rendering affection, support, care, encouragement to move forward in the life that matters most for the smooth function of the society at large. The reason is the Society or the Progress of All knows and understands only the contribution of all the genders and not the bias laid in specific gender, whether it is from male, female or transgender. So being united is the key to the Progress of All and this expectation is fulfilled by Raksha Bandhan.

This sweet noble bond deserves Sweets with Rakhi to win brother’s heart through the path of his savoury taste buds.

In this post, we would like to highlight about the SWEETest Offerings to your brother to seek his blessings and heartfelt wishes from the personalized gifts shop of IGP.

1. Go Vroom Kids Rakhi Hamper:

This Rakhi Hamper consists of

  1. Kids Rakhi
  2. Roli Chawal
  3. Aam Papad Sweets 9 Pcs

Children’s love for their brothers and sisters are truly special because children are innocent and express or speak what they truly feel and love. Celebrate the joy of their brotherhood and sisterhood with Go Vroom Kids Rakhi. Kids like speeding Cars very much and so this Car-designed Rakhi with handcraft Meena work suits them. This is coupled with 5 gm Roli Chawal to mark the Rakhi tradition and delicious Aam Papad Sweets to bring the child’s smile.

2. Traditional Kundan Rakhi Hamper:

This Rakhi Hamper consists of

  1. Single Rakhi
  2. Roli Chawal
  3. Velvety Milk Chocolate 65g
  4. Besan Laddoo 200g
  5. Mango Dragees 70g
  6. Meetha Lal Namkeen 100g

This Hamper has the Rakhi crafted with Kundan, Meena and Pearl work coupled with packs of snacks & sweets like Velvety Milk Chocolate, Besan Laddoo, Mango Dragees, Meetha Lal Namkeen to delight your brother’s sweet mood so that he could shower his wishes along with bumper gifts.

3. Set of 2 Meena Rakhi Hamper:

This Rakhi Hamper consists of

  1. Semi Precious Stone Rakhi (Set of 2)
  2. Roli Chawal
  3. Peacock design Roli Chawal Container
  4. Velvety Dark Chocolate 65g
  5. Dodha Barfi 200g
  6. Thai Chilli Cashewnuts 50g
  7. Peri Peri Almonds 50g

The Rakhi is made of semi precious stones, simple yet elegant in its look. Tie this Meena work Rakhi to your brother’s wrist. Illuminate him with Aarti, red roli and chawal to symbolize the never lasting bond of yourself and your brother. Fill his stomach with lots of love consisting of yummy delicious chocolates, Barfi, Cashewnuts, Almonds.

These Rakhi Hampers with the gracious idea of gifting the sweets along with it are just a few here. There are more Rakhi Gift Hampers with Sweets and other personalized options of your choice at IGP to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with pompous glory. Do enjoy it with your siblings by visiting the <<IGP Shop >> now.