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Just as Face is the index of one’s personality, Nails are the index of the hands. Nails portrays how clean, beautiful, healthy and hygienic are your hands by its colour, glossiness and brittleness. No worries for all these problems! You are reading the right post now about Faces Canada Nail Care & Polish Collections that keeps your nail lustrous and beautiful as well as take care of it.

In August Collection of Cosmetics, Faces Canada have got lucrative offers for you. The Active Offers are as follows:

Active Offers

  • Buy 3 & Pay for 2
  • Free 2 in 1 Beauty Blender + Shimmer Pouch worth Rs. 1299 on orders above Rs.899
  • Free 2 in 1 Beauty Blender+ Shimmer Pouch + 24 in 1 Brush Kit worth Rs. 3500+ on orders above Rs. 1599
  • Free 2 in 1 Beauty Blender+ Shimmer Pouch + 24 in 1 Brush Kit + Mirror Trousseau worth Rs. 6000+ on orders above Rs. 2499
Fig 1. Best manufacturing Practice

With these latest offers from Faces Canada, you need not doubt about their quality since their new customer review scores are high. They maintain ethical standard of manufacturing practice of being paraben free, Toluene free. They have been certified as animal test free by PETA.

Fig 2. New Customer review

Let us explore the Nail Makeup Collection products from Faces Canada to know how they would take care and make your nails beautiful.

1. Ultime Pro Splash Matte Nail Enamel:

This is the new launch of Nail Enamel Collection from Faces Canada. For daily use of Nail Polish, this new Ultima Pro Splash Matte Nail Enamel defines the nail statement to a new level because it is designed with Chip defiant technology. Chips in nails are caused due to detergents, household cleaners, nail polish removers.

Fig 4. Quick Dry and Long Lasting Enamel Colour

You are set for the party at any time of the day with its quick drying formula and the colour on your nails could last longer.

Fig 5. Different Shades of the Nail Enamel

This Nail Enamel comes in 12 vibrant colours of attractive shades with matte look that seems to be matching for different colour dresses of your choice.

2. Ultime Pro UV Top Coat Flash Dry & Colour Transparent:

Suppose your are planning to go for a long trip. On those days of your trip, there are chances of your favourite shade losing the lustre and colour within the short span before your long trip ends.

Fig 7. Features of Ultime Pro UV Top Coat

To get an instant plumpness of soft and round shape to your gel based favourite nail polish shade, you have this transparent colour Ultime Pro UV Top Coat that quickly dries and shines your nail polish as if you had applied now.

Fig 8. Colour of Ultime Pro UV Top Coat

The colour is transparent showcasing the glittery glow of your favourite shaded nails.

This Top Coat increases the staying power of your nail polish up to 6 days. Top Coat provides strength avoiding excessive break or slits in the nails. So enjoy your long trip without the extra care to be taken of your nails by using this Top Coat.

3. Instaremove Dip & Twist Nail Enamel Remover:

This Nail Enamel Remover works wonder on your nails while removing nail polish gently by moisturizing and nourishing it with Vitamin E and Glycerine.

Fig 10. Features of Instaremove Nail Enamel Remover

It has acetone free formula that is friendly to your nail cuticles, plate and surrounding area of the nails.

Fig 11. Steps to use the Instaremove Nail Enamel

By these easy Instant Dip & Remove steps, you need not have to use the sharp nail cutter edges to remove the nail polish that has the disadvantage of losing the shine of the nails and could cause little tear of the nails.

Splash your nails with the newly designed colourful shades. Let your nails converse more about your healthy beautiful hands. Shop for more products from Faces Canada to gain more from them on this August Season Offers.