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Pet Grooming is an essential routine to take care of your pets. It increases the bonding between you and the pet.

You play with your dog, pamper them and fondle them on your lap. While doing so, they shed their fur on your clothes and everywhere at your house. You could notice there is more shed of fur during the Spring Season . This is natural and taking care of their fur which is the main identity of the Dog is very essential.

We are going to explore their fur i.e., their hair type in this blog and the necessary tools needed for grooming their hair on every season.

Dogs have three different types of hair on their bodies. Some are single coated type while some have these all the three types of hair coats upon their body. The three different hair coats are:

  1. Guard Hair (Primary Hair or Top Coat)
  2. Undercoat (Secondary Hair)
  3. Whiskers (with special power)

Guard Hair is the long thick hair than the Undercoat. This gives extra protection from foreign objects, cold weather, injuries, repel water, dust and dirt away from the skin.

The Undercoat grows close to its skin and provides required insulation.

The Whiskers are long coarse hairs that grow near the Dog’s eyelids and muzzle from deep rooted follicles that are full of nerve endings. These nerves are messengers to the Dog’s brain to sense immediately to whatever they touch through their whiskers. The Whiskers help them in spatial awareness, detect air current changes so that Dogs which are naturally far sighted could see objects close by and move around in the dark.

Hence it is confirmed that the Coat’s main function is to protect Dog’s skin from dirt and keep them warm, cool and dry. The shed of the hair that you see are the hairs of the Undercoat. Just because your Dog sheds their hair everywhere, it is not advisable to cut the Undercoat hair. These hairs needs brushing and grooming to take care of it.

Brushing the Dog’s hair with the Special Comb made for them distributes the Coat’s natural oils maintaining the sheen of the Dog. The close experience of combing your Dog’s hair makes you spot anything unusual on Dog’s skin like wounds, lumps or parasites. Without the regular brushing, the Dog’s hair gets matted and tangled, trapping bacteria, dirt and debris on the skin. The bacteria build on causes foul smell. Also the Dog gets infected, ill with pain and inflammation.

We have Safari Special Combs designed for Dog’s Grooming brought to you International Ecommerce Healthcare Company, iHerb.

1. Safari Double Row Flea Comb for Dogs:

Fig 1. Safari, Double Row Flea Comb for Dogs (PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY FROM iHERB)
Fig 2. Safari Double Row Flea Comb Close View
Safari Double Row Flea Comb package content

This Comb is specially designed to remove fleas and debris on Dog’s skin. Before using this, remove tangles on the Dog’s skin as it may damage the teeth of the Comb. Between every stroke, dip the Comb in a mild detergent water to kill the fleas left on the Comb. This works well for Short and Medium Hair Dogs.

2. Safari Stainless Steel De-matting Comb:

Fig 5. Safari De-matting Comb Close View
Fig 6. Safari De-matting Comb package content

This has the dual thumb grips that allows you to remove mats and tangles effectively. While using left hand, remove the nuts and blades in the opposite direction. Then replace the nut and tighten.

The serrated blades are designed to avoid contact with the Dog’s skin. Comb Dog carefully to keep away this sharpened end coming in contact with the Dog’s skin. Starting from outer edge, go inwards to break apart the matted hair. It is preferable to comb in the direction of the hair growth until the Comb glides easily through the Coat.

3. Safari Soft Slicker Brush for Medium Dogs:

Fig 8. Safari Soft Slicker Brush Close View
Fig 9. Safari Soft Slicker Brush package content

This is made suitable to brush the

  1. Dogs with long flowing Coats
  2. Dogs with harsh outer Coats and wooly Undercoats
  3. Dogs with curly Coats and Terriers

While using this Comb, layer the hair, parting it in sections as you go brushing the Dog’s hair in the direction of Hair growth.

It helps smoothly to detangle, de-shed the loose hair taking care of the Dog’s Coat.

Make your loyal friend to look great by this Dog Grooming Tools so that he deserves a place in everyone’s heart by his cute look and active nature.