Thanos (Modern Version) Statue by Sideshow Collectibles

The closest companion of which the children like to interact with or be with are the life-size figures of their role models or favourite villains’ character. Now it is the time of Video games and popular TV series in the entertainment media of the Kids. They wish to have their remembered characters close by. Side Show, one of the popular Toy Eshop has got lumps of surprise offers on this September Season to freshen up their memories by the life-size characters that zoom their mind.

The life-size figures are made of Polystone & Translucent resin that are shaped, molded well depicting the coarse as well as minute details with fine paint finish. They look startling to get you the most accurate details of fine hair, wrinkles on the face and gruesome eyeballs of the dreadful characters to be on their presence as if they are live. The figure is finely made and also it is quite economical and durable to purchase it for your kids.

In this post, we would like to highlight the figures of Video game monster characters like Ryu Evil Ryu, Oni Akuma Mad Demon and the Talented Private Investigator, Mike Ehrmantraut of TV series “Breaking Bad”.

1. Ryu Evil Ryu:

Fig 2. Ryu Evil Ryu Figure’s Close View

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Product Size:

Height: 29″
Width: 15.5″
Depth: 12.42″

Box Size:

Height: 16″
Width: 24″
Depth: 33″

Shipping Weight:

15 Kg

This is made of Polystone with LED Lightup eyes. Costumes are tailored. Bamboo Display pieces are removable items.

Ryu is an irrefutable character appearing in the “Street Fighter” Video game. The red fury eyes, the red gloves, the red band, everything filled with red accompanied by the strong musculature would frighten the stare focused on this figure. This figure is manufactured by Pop Culture Shock and is of the brand name “Street Fighter”.

2. Oni Akuma Mad Demon:

Fig 3. Oni Akuma in lighting effect

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Product Size:

Height: 17.5″
Width: 12.21″
Depth: 5″

Box Size:

Height: 13″
Width: 23″
Depth: 24″

Shipping Weight:

10.9 Kg

This is made of Polystone. It has an Interchangeable head, LED hair and eyes. It is accompanied by removable Prayer Beads.

Akuma is the evil incarnate, the destroyer of heaven and he is dreadfully merciless spreading the wrath everywhere such as to destroy everything that comes to his heels. He is a chaos creator with the eyes of hurricane and the heart of Volcano. You could surely send the shivering waves all around if you place this life-size figure of the Mad Demon in the dark night of the Moonlight. The LED Flash lights glows and shakes the atmosphere with illusion as if he is appearing before everyone in this magnified scary pose.

This figure is also manufactured by Pop Culture Shock and is of the brand name “Street Fighter”.

3. Mike Ehrmantraut:

Fig 5. Mike Ehrmantraut Figure’s Close View

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Product Size:

Height: 17.91″
Width: 13.58″
Depth” 10.23″

Box Size:

Height: 11″
Width: 14″
Depth: 20″

Shipping Weight:

8.6 Kg

This figure is made of Translucent resin. This makes it to look real with life-like single vein, wrinkle and hair being stubbled. The statue comes with the HK MK23 Gun with silencer replica. Three dimensional “Breaking Bad” logo is the another attraction to remind about the “Mike” character in the play. It has also the Certificate of Authenticity and the Medal of Authenticity.

This is a quarter scale Statue of Mike Ehrmantraut, a private investigator, character of the award-winning TV series “Breaking Bad”. It looks like a real life-size character with the opulent finish covering the minute sensitive details flawlessly in its craft.

This is manufactured by Supacraft and is of the brand name “Breaking Bad”.

These are all LIMITED EDITION OFFERS. To know more about this Offer and the latest FEATURED DEALS of the Side Show, please visit “FEATURED DEALS” Section of the Side Show. Fill your Kids room with the entertainment they love to cherish from the craziest, dreadful to the loveliest life-size characters featured in Side Show.