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Shubh Aarambh Sale is live now at Nithya Kusum with Discount Offers on Diyas, Pooja Items, Kurtas, Sarees & lots more and this is going to be continued until Diwali Season. Items are being showcased at Nithya Kusum Instagram account.

Small Diyas and Tealight Candles are generally common during Diwali to decorate your house full of glowing lights. In the midst of all these small Diyas glowing light, if you place a Big Diya in front of your house or Pooja room, it zooms to add extra sparkle and glow in your house. The goodness and the special occasion to buy these Big Diyas at the competitive price could be none other than this Diwali Festival Season.

Let us explore what has been stored at Nithya Kusum Shop to make your Diwali joyful with the glowing lights of Diyas.

1. Hanging Table Parrot Diya:

Fig 2. Greeting of the Hanging Table Parrot Diya

This Hanging Table Parrot Diya weighs 800 g. It has a length of 6cm, Width of 6cm and height of 19 cm.

The material is brass with the skilled handicraft and good finish maintained to every level. The Big Hanging Diya is held by the Parrot seated at the tip of the Diya Stand. A pretty masterpiece to welcome and hold your guest’s attention at your house indoors.

2. Dancing Ganesha Statue Diya:

This Diya has the length of 15 cm, width of 15 cm and height of 42.5 cm. It weighs 3.1 Kg.

The material is brass. It has 7 Oil Wick Diyas with Lord Ganesha Dancing Statue. The 7 hanging bells adorn the 7 Diyas below and from there, the two Peacocks hold the Diya Stand. Skillful and unique masterpiece where you will find ALL IN ONE Whole Diya that is, Lord Ganesha Statue, 7 Diyas, 7 Bells, Two Peacocks accompanied with big Diya Stand.

3. Kamal Patta Akhand Diya:

Akhand Diyas are lit in Navarathri and Diwali festivities. The light should glow indefinitely without interception in Akhand Diyas during these festival occasions.

This Lotus shaped Akhand Diya is made to fulfill this aspiration and form a aesthetic décor to your home. It measures 6 inches extending its charming vibrancy at all directions of your living or Pooja room. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones to present with a Gift Box to draw their curiosity and excitement.

4. Kanchipuram Kamakshi Diya:

The Diya is 7 inch height. It is made up of brass with the golden attraction. It is an amazing artifact of presenting the Goddess Kamakshi with the Sugarcane by her side and the big Vilakku (Diya) in front of her as if the Temple of the Kamakshi is situated within your Pooja room. It magnifies the ambience of glow in your house by its big size.

Set up these Big Size Diyas in your home atmosphere to embrace Diwali with glow and happiness.