This is the recap of what I Shop Easily have achieved from all these years till this year 2023. We greet our visitors with new awe and the new hopes laid in this year 2023.

Brief Shot about I Shop Easily in 2023

The 3 associated Websites changed from full-fledged Blog cum Shop to Theme-based Blog cum Shop:

The three Blog cum Shop Websites WDT, Snehee and RSGS are changed to Theme-based Blog cum Shops. This is made to be more specific and selective for the customers to buy in the specific category with wide range of choices from various featured Ecommerce Shops of I Shop Easily. For example, if you want to look for trendy Necklaces of the present era, you could directly go to WDT to look for the specific and selective Necklaces of your choice from as many specialized Shops pertaining to only Necklaces. This is possible for us to lend you this facility by being Category-based Shop or Theme-based Shop which will not be practical to lend you in full-fledged Shops having many categories. Comparatively, the products will not be special, unique, specific and you cannot be choosy in full-fledged General Shops.

Two Shops, Naari Vasthra and Naari Alankar were started:

Naari Vasthra

Naari Alankar

Naari Vasthra and Naari Alankar Shops were started to showcase and market the Indian women’s ethnic wear and accessories. The products are directly from the wholesale suppliers and manufacturers of the WDT Apparels and Accessories Group. Since the products are sold without inventory or stocks but through online, the billing and shipping system are handled by WDT Order System, the details being available in “SHOP THROUGH ORDER SYSTEM”. Without inventory and stock maintenance means more benefit to the customer because of less maintenance and management system to the seller, the benefit of this lessened cost being passed on to the customers by low competitive price on the products of Naari Series of the Shop Biz. Further the products are unique and are of the best quality.

Offers of all affiliated Companies are updated

The Companies provides lucrative offers periodically. We will update this here in the form of “Limited Offers” that lasts for a specific time, “Unlimited Offers” that stays forever, “Weekly Deals” from Nithya Kusum that is there for you with weekly surprises and “Daily Deals” from Amazon India to shop huge items with lowest prices periodically. We will be updating these offers from time to time so that you do not miss the opportunity to “BUY MORE AND GAIN MORE” out of less price assured with branded quality item.

Limited Offers
Unlimited Offers
Daily & Weekly Deals

New Hotel & Home Stay Booking Website, Shanthiraaga was started

Hotel and Home Stay at the Best Hotels of and

We have affiliated with the Top Hotel & Room Stay Booking Websites to book your Hotel & Home Stay prior to your journey to the favourite destination so that you are not caught in between or left aloof in the new unknown place of your journey. We will lend you the guide, overview of the travel destination, the best hotels & room stays nearby for your comfortable stay in India and abroad before you set out your journey.

Keep in touch with I Shop Easily to shop for the latest trends that this era of 2023 brings you. Have a nice time and meet you always at this Shopping Website, I Shop Easily.