Daily Deal Offer on Babies & Toddler’s wear
Upto 50-60% Off. Avail now at Nithya Kusum.

Babies & Toddlers love the bright colourful dresses. The colours tinkle in their eyes, so do their movements and happiness in enjoying every moment as they come. We bring them the joy of wearing the Cute Little Dresses from the shop of Nithya Kusum and you will get these bundle of dresses in the “Daily Deal Offer for about 50-60% Off the original price”.

Let us have a look at these Babies and Toddlers Dresses brought to you by Nithya Kusum at affordable whole price which becomes further budget friendly by the Daily Deal Offer.

1. Baby & Toddler’s Night Wear:

Rompers and Casual T-shirt Pants for Baby & Toddler as Night wear provides a perfect fitting to give a cozy, secure, comfy feeling with protection from cold, chills and flies. These dresses suits both for Baby Boys and Baby Girls.

1.1. Rompers:

These Rompers are available in different designs and colours as shown below

Romper Size Chart

1.2. Baby Boys Baby Girls Casual T-shirt Pant:

These Casual T-shirt Pants are available in colours of Navy Blue and Black as shown below

2. Baby & Toddler’s Party Wear:

Baby & Toddler enjoy partying when they are in groups and family gathering. They like to wear the dresses like big children and grown-ups with vivid bright colors to be the main guest of the party. It is like mimicking the gestures of the VIP of the party. Fancy Cotton Clothing Sets paired with Shorts & Big lettered T-Shirt and Clothing Set with combination of Trousers, Jacket, T-Shirt with splashing colour designs would set them to have their best wear for the party.

2.1. Fancy Cotton Clothing Sets paired with Shorts & T-Shirt:

These dresses are available in different colours and patterns as shown below

2.2. Zorkh New Born Baby Full T-Shirt Pants:

A) Yellow Dress

B) Blue Dress

c) Red Dress

The Size Chart for the above Dresses are as below

3. Baby & Toddler’s Seasonal Wear:

Baby & Toddler are prone to effects of the different climatic changes and they get affected soon. This seems to worsen while you are for an outing with your little ones especially to another place where climate seems to change much apart from the place you were before. The Full T-Shirt Sleeves with lovely colours and designs would be the selective choice for their happy outside journey and protection from weather changes. These Seasonal wear are from Baby Story by Healofy which comes in 3 different patterns as shown below

3.1. Baby Story by Healofy:

A) Blue Dress

B) Pink Dress

C) Orange Dress

4. Baby & Toddler’s Casual Daily Wear:

Baby & Toddler need many different dresses to change in a day and daily. We know their wants and we have brought them the bundle of daily wears in Combo of 10 Pack. These dresses are soft, comfortable and are made of skin-friendly Cotton material. It comes in attractive colors and designs to delight the Baby & Toddler’s mood.

4.1. Beautiful Cotton Printed Baby Dress Combo Pack of 10:

Dress your Baby & Toddler with these beautiful Clothing Sets and let them rock your floor with their little steps that are bound to increase their joy.