I Shop Easily was started on 29th January 2020. I Shop Easily is an Online Marketing Agency with the aim of providing easy access for customers to shop their favourite products from the own branded Ecommerce Shops, online wholesale suppliers, manufacturers and online reputed E-Commerce Companies on one marketing platform, I Shop Easily. Here the products are put for sale, advertised and reviews are given to make your shopping an easier and a happier experience.

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About I Shop Easily (ISE)

You might have heard of LIC Agency, Oriflame and Herbalife Nutrition business where the business could be operated at home office or anywhere at anytime. Same principle is applied here in this business. This business is operated at the home office. It is the Reselling cum marketing business made for techno savvy Housewives and students to earn the income through the alternate source or make it as a full income potential. This business is operated and administered by Roopashri R residing in Mangaluru, Karnataka.

Benefits of Shopping at I Shop Easily (ISE):

  • Concept of “3 Brand Products”:
    We have introduced the concept of “3 Brand Products” to give the featured review posts of the selected 3 branded products of Branded companies featured in I Shop Easily so you get the insight of the products. You could also get through the images of it on the Pinterest Account. The numbering of the 3 Brand Products and the products on the associated Mega Blog cum Shops; WDT, Snehee, RSGS is done in Alphabetical order rather than on Ranking order because final choice is yours to select the best products.
  • Reviews of the Instagram products, three Facebook Wall posts of WDT, RSGS, Snehee and Telegram channel posts are posted on this main website, I Shop Easily:
    There are many products updated weekly on Nithya Kusum and Navya Kamal Instagram account. Amazon India Deal of the day and the latest best selling products are advertised on FB Walls of three accounts WDT, RSGS, Snehee weekly. Please note that for security reasons, the FB Wall posts are visible to only Facebook friends. Esavvy Product updates are advertised weekly on Telegram channel “Esavvy Product Updates”. Though it is not possible to give reviews on each of these products, we make the best possible attempt to review the featured products of these Social media accounts on this I Shop Easily.
  • General Blog Posts:
    General review posts regarding the three shopping websites WDT, RSGS, Snehee and common thoughts about the business are posted on this main website, I Shop Easily.
  • Latest updates of new products on Instagram, Facebook walls and Telegram channel weekly
    The newly added and interesting products of Nithya Kusum and Navya Kamal will be advertised weekly in two Instagram accounts.
    Instagram account https://instagram.com/roopashri.r.311 and https://instagram.com/roopashri2021 respectively
    Amazon India’s products will be advertised weekly on Facebook walls of WDT, RSGS and Snehee.
    Esavvy Products will be advertised weekly on the Telegram channel
  • Low Cost for the Best Products:
    This is a home based business with no stocks maintained. So there is no necessity to spend for extra expenses on online inventory, showroom price and its maintenance, staff management etc. On top of that, there are no extra commissions to be given to many third party dealings which a traditional offline shopping system involves such as your product price includes and has to reach from wholesale supplier -> Distributor-> Regional distributors -> Local Dealers -> then to your Retail Shops–>finally to you. In this chain process involving a lot of middle people dealings, additional transportation charges of the products and the process in all these shop management from distributor to the retail shops, you have to pay from your pocket to purchase your favourite product –> the amount of the product + commission involved for all these pupils+ other expenses that may incur in all these process to lend you the service in the offline traditional shopping system. There might be the slab of M.R.P (Maximum Retail Price) printed on all the products to limit the expenses of the product to a certain extent. What!! in this chain process, if those shoppers could extend to 90% (in the form of discounts) or to whole 100% of M.R.P and offer you the product!! In contrast to this, we lend you the same best product at 15% – 25% of M.R,P since we do not have the necessity to spend so much from your money and we think there is no point in burdening you? Which choice would you prefer? You only decide!!!

    This offline process system is everyday necessity because we are born and brought up in that system. We get the product instantly, have the readymade choice to make and the retailer is very near to address our concerns. We agree with that if your choice and bargain matters. The extra expenses could not be blamed from the retailer side since it is also their dire necessity. It is best for those who do not matter spending the money without compromising on quality and personal live selection of the product. Would it be fair if an average rich customer could afford to pay thousands of rupees for a local or branded Shirt and an average middle class customer only dreams of wearing the same shirt but could not afford it? Should this be taken lightly? Should his dream remain as not to be fulfilled, even in this modern technology age where the online business could simplify the whole process, reduce the prices drastically from the customer’s pocket for the same best product so that owning the luxury is not a dream for him?

    Certainly not and here is where this I Shop Easily comes into its existence because it is the dealing between only the Wholesale supplier and I Shop Easily to lend you the products. You buy the products from the I Shop Easily Online Supplier Shops, Nithya Kusum, Navya Kamal or by ordering through WDT Shop. The wholesale supplier will deliver your products demanding low delivery charges through the medium of us. For your kind attention, we would like to mention the nominal delivery charge, if there is any, is the payment only for your individual product and not as an average money considered for the whole supply of products as in Offline system, irrespective of whether other customers buy or not in the retail shop. Hence by considering all the process involved in I Shop Easily, this shop is made for your easy access to shop for the best products at low reasonable prices coupled with easy delivery and response to customer service directly from us. The two (NK) shops, Nithya Kusum, Navya Kamal, orders given through WDT maintain this option of business between wholesale supplier and I Shop Easily. The associated Ecommerce companies like Amazon India, Tech Jockey and the promoting concern, Esavvy offer many benefits and discounts to the customers. Those which are of 50% or more discount are featured in the Product Offers of the respective Mega Blog cum Shop website. The Ecommerce Company like Amazon India maintains complete transparency in its dealings showing you the M.R,P and the rate slab while mentioning about the product.
  • Posh high-priced International branded products for those who do not compromise brand & quality for the low price:
    For the wealthy people who do not want to compromise the highly refined brand & quality for the sake of low price, we have a good deal for you. We are associated with International promoter, Esavvy which brings you the best quality products from the reputed Internationally companies.
  • Offers Wide variety of Family Shopping needs and Solutions by variety of ways:
    I Shop Easily covers all the demands of Family Shopping from physical products such as dresses to accessories to digital products & services. We have three Mega Blog cum Shop Websites,
    (1) WDT, the Mega Trendy Items Blog cum Shop: WDT is a Blog cum Shop website. You will get the reviews and you will find the exclusive dress collection and accessories for Men, Women, Kids and Sportsperson on this Mega Trendy Blog cum Shop. The Specialty of this WDT Shop is different by the way of your Shopping options. Here you are provided with two options: (1) the option of ordering the wholesale items from us (2) the option of buying directly through the shopping links from two wholesale (NK) shops, Amazon India and Esavvy.
    (2) Snehee, the Mega Friendly Items Blog cum Shop: This Blog cum Shop features the friendly items. The Specialty of this Shop is different by the type of products and solutions available for direct purchase. You have three types of products & solutions: (1) Physcial Products related to friendly items such as Health, Safety, Petty gifts, Gardening, Celebration items in the name of “Snehee Physical Products (2) Digital Solutions related to Software packages, Educational courses in the name of “Suvidha Digital Products and Solutions” (3)Bookings related to travelers accommodation in the name of “I Stay In”. These three type of products joined together into a Snehee Shop “I Stay in Snehee Suvidha” are made to build a strong friendly community.
    (3) RSGS, the Mega Lifestyle Items Blog cum Shop: This Blog cum Shop features the Lifestyle items related to Beauty and Cosmetic care for both Men and Women, Childrens World featuring Toys, Gaming Items and Stationaries, Home and living comprising of Home Decor to household items, Food and Gourmet related to dry fruits and condiments, Pet Care, Car Accessories and Electronic Products. All the products in this shop are through direct purchase from the two wholesale (NK) Shops, Amazon India and other branded Eshops through the promoting concern, Esavvy.
  • Prices are same in branded companies and here:
    If you buy from Amazon India, any other branded Eshops or if you avail the service of Techjockey, Udemy, Hotels.com etc through I Shop Easily Website links, you are not going to be charged extra. The prices remain the same whether you buy, avail the service from here or separately there.
  • “NITHYA KUSUM (NK)” and “NAVYA KAMAL (NK)”, the Special two (NK) Wholesale personalized Shops to shop for New and Best ISE Collections at reasonable low prices:
    “Nithya Kusum (NK)” and “Navya Kamal (NK)” are the two wholesale suppliers personalized shops designed for you to shop for new and best I Shop Easily collections at reasonable low prices. You do not have to think about the stocks here because it is a ready-made shop by wholesale suppliers where the stocks are up-to-date. You could buy through COD (Cash on Delivery) & instant payment instantly.
  • Friendly customer service with concerns addressed
    The administrator of this website, Roopashri R is herself the concerned person to address all your necessities and problems you may encounter while shopping here. The concerns with the items and services related to Ecommerce Companies are handled independently by the respective Companies Customer care. We will be available to address your concerns in Contact Form or in the email provided here. Spam and unrelated queries are not entertained.
  • Addition of new products periodically
    New products will be added periodically from time to time so you don’t lose track of the updates in today’s shopping trends with great discounts and offers.
  • Products are introduced in the social media before uploading on the website for review and sale:
    The products of the WDT, RSGS and Snehee are introduced on corresponding Facebook pages, Telegram channel and Sharechat accounts before being uploaded on the website, the details of which could be obtained while you visit the respective website. So you would know briefly about the product before seeing the product on a particular website.

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